Gold exploration at strategic locations in the Eastern Goldfields of WA

By systematically exploring targeted areas that have been neglected for decades, KalGold offers a unique investment opportunity in WA’s prolific Eastern Goldfields.

Projects are located on or adjacent to major, crustal scale structures that, over geological history, were conduits for gold-bearing fluids. KalGold’s strategy is to uncover the gold-mineralised traps of these fluids.

Neglected areas targeted for exploration by KalGold include:

KalGold holds tenure in highly strategic locations throughout the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. With a Kalgoorlie operations base, the Company continues to assess its tenement portfolio over projects that, in many cases, have not been explored for gold in several decades. This offers KalGold a unique opportunity to use modern day exploration techniques and the KalGold Team’s considerable expertise to reassess and explore long-dormant areas in one of the most prolific gold mining regions on Earth.

Our Projects