Date File Size
Change of Registry Address: Automic Pty Ltd Relocation of Perth Office 20/12/2021 153 KB
New gold target identified at Bulong Taurus 20/12/2021 1.1 MB
La Mascotte open pit potential to be assessed, outcropping gold open in all directions 08/12/2021 6.1 MB
KalGold’s first drill program hits gold at Bulong Taurus 29/11/2021 1.7 MB
Initial Director's Interest Notice (Gately, Painter, McKenzie, Penkethman) 22/11/2021 345 KB
Notice of initial substantial holder (Regal) 19/11/2021 83 KB
Kalgoorlie Gold Mining lists on ASX 18/11/2021 788 KB