Kalgoorlie Project

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The Kalgoorlie Project consists of two tenement groups – Ninga Mia and Boorara. Ninga Mia lies within 10 km to the north of Kalgoorlie, while Boorara is located around 20 km to the southeast of Kalgoorlie.

KalGold activity

Recovery and digitisation of additional historic data during the September 2022 quarter at Ninga Mia facilitated further appraisal of the project. Several lower-ranked targets that were previously considered untested are now known to have been intersected to some degree. This has prompted a re-ranking of targets at Ninga Mia. Once again, KalGold’s diligence in interrogating historic datasets has saved precious exploration dollars.

Several targets along strike southeast from Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines (KCGM) Two-Up discovery remain untested. Several targets correspond with the intersection of the same tectonised stratigraphic contact where it is crosscut by north-north-easterly striking faults that cross the nearby Golden Mile stratigraphy.


There are no recorded mining activities on any of these tenements, however a site visit by Cube noted historical workings. The closest modern activities to Ninga Mia being Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines (KCGM) operations and for Boorara the Golden Ridge deposit.

All groups are considered to be within the Boorara Domain of the greater Kalgoorlie Terrane. Ninga Mia is dominated by the Black Flag Beds, while Boorara mainly consists of ultramafics.

There are no recorded mineralisation occurrences within the tenements. Just to the west of Ninga Mia lies the Two-Up project which contains a mineral inventory.

Due to the proximity of Kalgoorlie, Ninga Mia has a long exploration history. Pancontinental Mining (and its later entities) conducted the most detailed exploration of all the companies. Pancontinental Mining carried out extensive soil sampling, regolith drilling and follow up deeper drilling on defined anomalies. Generally, the results were disappointing and as a result the ground was dropped. The most recent detailed exploration was completed by KCGM. Various types of drilling did not return any significant results worth following up and the ground was dropped. The Boorara Group tenements have been covered by wide spaced soil auger. Results were generally disappointing, but no deeper drilling has been carried out and hence the potential has not been fully tested. Although results of drilling within the Ninga Mia Group has been disappointing, the spacing and depth of these holes has not adequately tested the potential for southern extensions of the Eight Mile and Two-Up into these tenements.